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Eliminate the emotions and behaviors that constantly interfere with your life!


You allowed me to understand something really important

Rosie Furness

to stop judging myself for my negative emotions. I used to hate myself for the negativity that kept bubbling up inside me, So I tried to repress it, but it just festered and I was so self destructive. I suffered with my immune system and digestive disorders for years but now believe these symptoms were symptoms of the negative emotions that I was holding in my body as since following the emotional detox lessons and teachings I am positive in myself and enjoying good health.

On first watching the bodywork techniques I was skeptical

David Jones

It all seemed quite simple, just a clothes-on massage, but when my partner and I began to practice these techniques we realised how this sequence is very deep and powerful. I had not realised how ‘heavy’ I had been feeling and the full weight of negative emotions until I went through an emotional detox and this has had a positive impact across my whole life.

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